Cape Cod Bay & Buzzards Bay Fishing Charters

Fishing Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod Bay, Vineyard Sound and Stellwagen Bank for Bluefin Tuna, Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, Porgies (Scup), Blackfish (Tautog) Mackerel and Squid and Sharks. Birdwaching and Dive Charters as well as Lobster Trap fishing.

We are a six person charter boat fishing daily from Onset, MA. In season we target Striped Bass, Bluefish, Blackfish (Tautog), Porgies (Scup), Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Squid and Tuna. We have been charter and commercial fishing these waters for the past 15 years and we ‘stay on the fish’ by sailing daily and by utilizing our network of other dedicated fishermen. Our fishing reports are up to the minute.

Spring Fishing Cape Cod

Spring Fishing starts on or about April 13th. Scup (porgy) season opens earlier than ever this year and there is absolutely no better place to be than right here to catch them. They are just a very short boat ride from the Pier, along with Tautog. A trip through the canal and you can get Haddock, Cods tastier cousin. We will be fishing by next weekend and will be sailing daily through the summer. New for us this summer will be a combination Lobster / Fishing trip. We will go through the canal from Onset to Cape Cod Bay and pull up a few of our lobster traps and then switch over and catch a few stripers either in Cape Cad Bay or back on the Onset end if the canal. We will start these trips after June 20th (+/-) when the lobsters and stripers arrive. The people we took on this trip last year absolutely loved it. Give me a call or stop by the pier. Here are a few pictures from last year.

May 19th update

May 19th Update … The state has finally given us a date when we can re open charter fishing. We can start next Monday the 25th of May. Better late than never. We have a list of pre cautions that we will have to take, just like any other business, but at least we can go. The fishing has been completely crazy, and the fact that there were no Charter or party boats fishing this week means that It should be even crazier when we open next week. We are going two trips a day for Black Sea Bass, Tautog/Blackfish and Porgies

May 29th Update … We are back and the fishing is better than ever. Thank you to all of my annual fisher men as well as my new ones. The chartering season opened one week late but the fish were ready to go when we were. We fished every day this week, and got or approached bag limits on every trip. Sea Bass, Porgies, and Tautog (Blackfish) are all close to Onset and biting now. Striped Bass are here too.(the one in the picture is from last year which is why the fish is big and the fisherman is not wearing a mask) If you wanted to pick one day of fishing for the entire summer, you should pick a day in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I doesn’t get better. … HADDOCK LOVERS … The Haddock bite is still going on near shore, and we are ready to go there. Call

ONSET… These weeks we are the best place in the world to be if you are a fisherman. Whether you go out on a boat, kayak, or fish from shore. If you stand on Onset pier and look towards the canal there are tons of fish under that water. The first keeper Fluke of the year (that I know of) was caught from the Onset Pier this week as well as countless schoolie Stripers. If you fishing from a small boat or kayak the Onset channel between Wickets and Onset Island can get you Stripers , Fluke, Scup, Squid, Mackeral or Bluefish. There is no better place to be. If you go as far as the Canal (Hog Island) you are in the prime striped bass spot on the cape right now. All these pictures are from this area. This wont last forever. Get out there now.

June 15 th Update

We had a solid week or excellent fishing. Black Sea Bass and Porgies stayed close to Onset. There was a good balance between the 2 different fish too. Everyone got there bag limit of Black Sea Bass and the people that worked for it got their 50 Porgies. Dates available next week.

JUNE 24    June 24 June 24

We had another crazy week of Porgy and Black Sea Bass Fishing with a few surprises. We have some dates open after we take the forth of July weekend off. (too many boats out there) There is location clue in a couple of these pictures. We went on our first couple of Lobster / Fishing trips. Lobstering was slow , but the fishing was very good.

Fourth of July Update

We were booked solid this week with Sea Bass and Porgy trips. The fish have moved farther down the bay, but we are still catching them at bag limit levels. The Lobsters have shown up now too. A nice groupshot of Larry and crew from NY

July 15th

We are now going to the waters off of Marthas Vineyard for Black Sea Bass and Porgies. It is a longer ride than we have been taking up until now, but the action is fast and furious when you get there. Lobsters are filling up our traps after a slow start, while catching Striped Bass can be a lot of work some days

Tuesday August 4th

As the storm blows through we have time to catch up on our reports . Striped Bass were still a challenge. There have been days when we found them, but couldnt get them to bite. Hopefully the storm and the passing full moon will stir the pot. Black Sea Bass and Porgies are still a dependable bag limit south of Marthas Vineyard. There have been a good number of Tautog, mostly shorts, mixed in. The Bag limit for Tautog went back  up to 3 fish per person on August first, so we will be targeting them with crab baits .  We have been catching Fluke around Onset. We can usually get a few but haven’t been able to get bag limits . Lobsters are at their peak in our traps now. Black Sea Bass season ends on September 8th , so please make reservations before. And just when I thought I had seen everything, one of my first time fishermen catches a Remora. These are the fish that stick to the bottom of big sharks. No one I have spoken to had ever caught one around here. Every day is an adventure



2020 Fishing Calendar

  • April 13th Porgy (scup) season opens
  • April 15th Haddock Season opens
  • Blackfish (tautog) season opens
  • May 18th Black Sea Bass season opens.
  • We will run 2 trips a day through June 15th
  • June 20th We start Lobster /Fishing trips
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Buzzards Bay Fishing
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Black Sea Bass

Onset Fishing

Onset is in a unique location in that it is convenient to Buzzards Bay, Vineyard Sound, and Cape Cod Bay as well as the Elizabeth Islands. With a comfortable cruising speed of 15 knots all these legendary fishing areas are available. Parking is just steps from the dock and the locals are famously friendly. You don’t have to cross the bridge to the cape and that can save you hours in traffic on summer weekends. We are about 4 hours from NYC. You save at least 45 minutes off the trip to Hyannis, more if there is traffic.

Tackle, bait , rods and reels are all supplied or you are welcome to bring your own. I am a Coast Guard Licensed Captain. The boat is supplied with all required safety equipment and is fully insured. If you have more than 6 people we can arrange a second boat with other experienced Captains or put you in touch with larger boats. Good dates, including weekends are available so reserve now for a great day of fishing. Thanks for reading.